How to Change the default Search Engine from Bing to Google in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge’s default Search Engine in address bar is Bing.But it is inconvenience for Google users.

Address bar's Search Engine uses Search Engine Provider.



From build 10240, you can add Google to Microsoft Edge in default function.

1. Access www.google.com,  and click on ‘…’ menu icon, select Settings > View Advanced Settings

2. Scroll down a bit, under ‘Search in the address bar with’, click on down arrow, and from the list, select ‘<Add new>’

3. Under Choose one, select 'Google Search' and click on ‘Add as default’.


On below the page, you can change Search Engine Provider from Bing to Google in Microsoft Edge.Procedure of setting is written on the page.

The page’s domain is dropbox’s domain. Because the page uses dropbox’s file sharing feature.

To use OpenSeach which is supported by Microsoft Edge, it needs to use HTTPS protocol. OpenSearch is an Open Standard which is to add Search Engine to browsers. This is why I use dropbox's file sharing feature which supports HTTPS protocol.

I’m happy if this information is useful for you.





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